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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the waiting game, tens of thousands of marylanders still without power. when will the lights cox back -- come back on. i'm jessica kartalija. days later and people are still waiting for their power to be restored. downed trees are preventing crews from getting to many of them. wjz is staying on the story. derek valcourt has more. good afternoon. >> the last check with bge, and some 77,000 customers are going on day five with no electricity. thousands of electrical repair
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workers resumed work. many of the customers growing frustrated. tough, also, for many businesses, losing money. >> we have people who live paycheck to paycheck. they've been out of work since sunday. >> reporter: bge said crews are on it and they're still asking for patience. >> we recognize that the customers who have not had their service restored are frustrated. we are working to get to them. >> reporter: even as some homeowners can see their problem, they're powerless to fix it. >> green lights, yellow lights, blue lights were sparking in the sky. >> reporter: bge crews might not get here to willoughby road until saturday. in the meantime some are sharing
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their generators. others are creative using outdoor solar lights. >> i set them in the house. >> reporter: also in the sharing mood, county fire houses which are letting people fill up buckets of water. >> we'll have it open as long as necessary. >> reporter: bge said the bulk of the outages are in baltimore county and anne arundel county. derek valcourt, wjz, eyewitness news. >> to our north vermont is still feeling the effects of hurricane irene. flood victims in new jersey are assessing the damage today as water there begins to recede. president obama plans to check out the damage. please stay with wjz for complete coverage. for more on the damage, power
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outages and extra pictures and video, log on to we have another powerful storm churning through the atlantic. marty is tracking katia. >> let's go ahead and take a look. the cone of movement of katia. we're still talking about now a cat one going to a cat two and then going to a cat three status. now at this point, the end of the timeline tuesday, northwest of the vacation islands. as you look at the spaghetti model, we're starting to think the final solution will be a central atlantic hurricane and that's pretty much it. we're in the ready to call the all clear on the east coast. however, having said that, we're really starting to trend toward that final solution. i want you to look over to the
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lower left hand side of your screen. that is that tropical weave, that complex. it will get name leo. the spaghetti models are all over that. keep your fingers crossed. looks like life is going to be okay here in the mid-atlantic for the next five days. did i mention possible rain? first warning weather and a bit of a change in our forecast coming up shortly. now back to you. so was it a case of interfering with police or a violation of constituional rights. that's the subject of a lawsuit filed against the baltimore police department. >> reporter: an owings mills man filed the lawsuit claiming officers violated his rights at last year's preakness. it steamed between a confrontation between a woman and police. the man got it on tape.
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sharp agreed to let them download the video but they erased it instead, along with video of his 7-year-old son. jessica, back to you. >> last month baltimore police said the department does not have a concrete policy on how to react on being filmed. big bahadur gurung was here two months when he was shot. he was put in a camp because of his ethnicity. his nephew was also injured. a maryland man is sent back to jail in aruba as authorities try to find out what happened to his travel companion, robyn gardner. we're also hearing from gary giordno's ex-girlfriend for the
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first time. >> reporter: gary giordno said it all began as a snorkeling trip in aruba with his 35-year-old traveling companion, robyn gardner, but it ended with her disapoorchlts the aruban judge said there's enough evidence to hold the businessman up to 60 more days. >> the question, did they rent the snorkel equipment? perhaps there's a record they could look into to determine whether the couple went snorkeling at all. >> reporter: giordano has yet to be charged. but with his detention extended, it could follow. gardner's boyfriend who didn't know she was traveling with giordano fears the worse eye feel something happened. >> reporter: stateside. the fbi is involved. agents scoured giordano's home at the search of the aruban
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government. >> the search is being done. >> reporter: the pair headed to aruba after meeting online. after gardner's disappearance, giordano stood to gain $1.5 million in insurance money for a policy he bought. he tried to cash it in two days after she went missing. giordano's ex-girlfriend is speaking out but chooses not to be identified. >> i am scared. i'm glad it wasn't me. >> reporter: authorities believe gardner is dead, but one month after the u.s. tourist within the missing, her body has not been found. reporting for cbs news. >> prosecutors said giordano has given them inconsistent details. please stay with wjz for the latest. early voting is underway in
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baltimore's primary. according to our media partner the baltimore sun the wife of candidate otis rolley was ordered to pay back money for leave she didn't have. charlene rolley insists she has the time and was told to take off by her boss jack young. rolley also said show was pressured by mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. voters can go to any of the five voting centers. early voting will run through saturday and again tuesday through thursday of next week. baltimore is buzzing in anticipation of this weekend's grand prix and downtown traffic is already a mess. take a look at skyeye chopper 13. we've already seen massive tie-ups. officers will be stationed at every downtown major intersection.
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the race teams will start practice. the big races start saturday. the ravens wrap up tonight in atlanta and has one last chance for the young players to make a good impression. looks like rookie quarterback ty-prod taylor has won the position as backup to joe flacco. >> still to come on wjz eyewitness news, date debate. deja vu. another security breach for apple. and race weekend is almost here in baltimore, but will the track stay dry? we'll have your complete weather forecast next.
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congress isn't even back inception and the birking has already -- bickering has started. john boehner rejected the original date of next wednesday.
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with new unemployment numbers coming out tomorrow, the president is under intense pressure to get americans back to work. >> this is a grim opening to what was already expected to be a tough fall with another big budget fight over cutting $1.5 trillion from the budget, a debate about the size and scope of government and it's kicking off with a spate about scheduling. >> the president said his plan will include proposals that congress can act on immediately. right now the future of libya is the focus of my level discussions in france. the national transitional council is out lining its humanitarian leads to world leaders. >> cash for hospitals and some security places. >> rebels got their hands on a shipment of cash. fighters say they are close to
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catching moammar gadhafi who is believed to be hiding somewhere in the desert. residents of several evacuated communities in texas aren't going home. authorities said about 160 homes are threatened by wildfires in possum kingdom lake. the blaze has blackened more than 6,000 ache ares since tuesday. it could be a bad case of deja vu. another apple employee claims to have lost another apple prototype. this was lost in a bar in san francisco. after this was picked up, it was apparently sold on craigslist. last year an apple employee lost another iphone 4. let's take a look outside. your complete forecast two and a half muds minutes i-- minutes away. first, here's a look at the
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midday stocks and last,,,,,,,,,,
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we started the day off clear. it's going to be another beautiful day temperatures in the low to mid-80s. whoa, what happened there. take a look at first warning doppler radar. we got some warm invection, some instability pressing through the region. there's no way we can say we're
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not going to see a shower. now, granted, a lot of this is trying to stay out to the west. it's moving ever so slowly but the fact of the matter is, there's some showers. i don't think it's possible, particularly north and west of i-95 to see a little dip of shower activity today, pop-up stuff, if i don't think we can rule out a pop-up because there's a big push in the humidity coming our way. it's going to be steamy, hot. 78 right now. 53%. calm winds. the barometer is at 17. the ear shore down the core doamplet 79 westminster. 77 bel air. annapolis and kent island
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mid-70s. 79 in rock all. we're seeing this big dome of high pressure starting to slide offshore. here comes the push in humidity. here comes a chance of the forecast. every day is a spotty shower. we bring that up not because it's the labor day weekend but you've got the baltimore grand prix. they will run in the rain. now having said that, i'm not worried about them. they're getting paid to a lot of us are paying to go down there. i think you have to be on the lookout for possible thunder shower activity today, saturday and late sunday. we're going to maybe see some dusty weather. 62 overnight. 83 degrees tomorrow, a mixture of clouds and sun. take a look at that five-day labor day forecast coming up. still to come on wjz eyewitness news at noon, early detection.
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welcome back. take a look at the five-day. that 83 will be steamer than earlier this week. i want to put in a chance for a passing afternoon thundershower saturday. it's going to guarantee it late saturday. so make the adjustments in the graphics. don't miss tonight's prime-time lineup. at 10:00 it's the "the mentalist" followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. disom bis usually crave brains but this army of undead is fighting against hunger. 1500 people dressed as zombies staggered around san jose.
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